A beautiful collaboration and gift from We Care Forever's Jeffrey Bates and his wonderful daughter Bayleigh

In June of 2021 Bayleigh had a dream. She woke up and told her dad, “Daddy, the moon is singing a lullaby to the stars.” Asking her to tell him more, Jeffrey invited Bayleigh to draw a picture of what she saw in her dream. Her imagination was sketched beautifully on a piece of clean white paper. Bayleigh became the illustrator of this book and her moon was the main character. Over the next two months, Bayleigh’s dad waited and a poem came to him. The poetic lullaby became the story of the moon who wanted to be a star but couldn’t. The moon realized that she was stuck and that her light would never be bright like a star. This story is important because it addresses the deep longing that many people feel, especially our children who want to be something which they might not be. To be ourselves is the challenge! We need to evaluate why we teach our children to need lots of money, thousands of followers and subscribers. We are teaching them that they can never be enough. 

What Bayleigh’s dream and this book show and teach us is that though we feel like we are not enough, the reality is that we are enough. The moment we stop trying to be something we are not is when we truly shine.

“This little book touched my heart. When I realized how important the moon’s light was, I realized that no matter how much I shine, that I’m still enough no matter what. Children know the comfort that a night light brings, and this book’s light has brought comfort to me. In a dark world, we need a “gentle and pure light.” This book is a beautiful work inspired by a daughter’s dream and a father’s paying attention!”

-Destiny, Pop Star, Actress, and Child Advocate

Please help us reach our goal to sell 1,000,000 books to support three mission-driven and family-focused charitable funds that make a real difference in our world

Bayleigh and Jeffrey are contributing 75% of the profits from their book, Twinkle Twinkle Little Moon sales to the following charitable funds.

We Care Forever Foundation

Emotional Wellness Fund

The WCF Emotional Wellness Fund supports programs focused on the emotional well-being of children and the disadvantaged in our society.

The Emotional Wellness Fund contributes to programs focused on:

  • Children
  • Poverty stricken communities
  • Incarcerated 

The first program to be supported is the 1st ever One World Symphony performed by Middle and High School Students in collaboration with The Little Bucket Experience for Elementary Schools Students.

Symphonic storytelling on the stage inspires creative imagination and the belief that they can accomplish their dreams.


We Care Forever Foundation

Special Needs Fund

The WCF Special Needs Fund partners with established, effective, and growing charitable organizations focusing on:

  • Inclusion 
  • Education
  • Workplace Integration
  • Therapy
  • Family Support

We Care Forever Foundation

Inner City Restoration Fund

The WCF Inner City Restoration Fund partners with community organizations to spearhead restoration projects including: 

  • Exhibition Halls
  • Landmarks
  • Music Halls
  • Commercial
  • Educational Centers


Divol Carnegie Library Museaum, Hyde Park 

Thank you for sharing our book, Twinkle Twinkle Little Moon with your family and helping us support our favorite causes!

– Bayleigh and Jeffrey Bates