We Care Forever Foundation

Innovative and Transformational SVC (Social Venture Capital) Foundation



Social Venture Capital Reality TV Show

  • ROSI & ROI SVC is bringing the We Care Forever mission to TV, streaming, social media to impact and unify our society
  • Showcasing community Hero organizations to celebrate their passion, giving spirit, results and plans to impact many others  
  • Entertaining and  Educating; bringing the various communities and cultures of our society together
  • Keeping social change alive and making change a part of our lives
  • Changing the mindset from making donations to investing socially for real results and social excellence
  • Partnering and supporting socially driven Hero organizations in various ways

Serving our Constituents

Why Community Heroes Partner with WCF?

  • Consistent and dependable funding allows Community Heroes to focus on their core mission; therefore providing a higher quality and quantity of service to their beneficiaries
  • Being part of a portfolio of charities with various experience and skills
  • In house management consulting and business analysis
  • Development of operational and expansion plans
  • Long term funding agreements based on milestone accomplishments
  • Ability to take advantage of opportunities that arise 
  • Community awareness and support of WCF Ambassadors

Why Corporate and Philanthropic Partners Partner with WCF?

  • To take a  leadership position in demanding and driving real change through results
  • To know how your support directly affects the ultimate beneficiaries
  • Receive reports backing up current results and growth plans
  • To enhance corporate reputation and receive Recognition for being socially conscious
  • To increase community engagement   
  • Joint marketing opportunities with WCF Heroes and Ambassadors 
  • To make a stand and to be a part of  the Forward Thinking  movement for change

Why Celebrities and Community Leaders should support WCF?

  • To encourage community Heroes by supporting their work
  • To support community Heroes by appreciating their work by referring them to We Care Forever 
  •  Encouraging Corporate Partners to join WCF 

How WCF supports Community Beneficiaries?

  • Providing better and increased services from Heroes with consistent funding
  • Increased access to high quality and proven results-driven programs
  • Networking with caring and giving professionals  
  • Providing opportunities to expand consciousness by participating in once in a lifetime events 
  • Facilitating access to mentors, scholarships and grants