One World Symphonies & The Little Bucket Experience

Youth musicians will undergo intense training, three hours a day, four days a week for six weeks climaxing in the concert performances.

The program is crossing the boundaries of conventional teaching, and by challenging the methods and patterns of learning, will pursue the worthy endeavor of musical education beyond the typical classroom. Participants and audiences will be astounded.

This project will support the students’ development as artists, expose them to broader audiences, and encourage their ambitions and dreams. 


It is time to move beyond mere discussion and to apply music to inspire and heal

The Little Bucket Classroom Experience

The Little Bucket Experience offers an opportunity for a classroom or an entire school district to encounter a simple yet profound image contained in a story that catalyzes the learning of important competencies related to Emotional Intelligence.  Through the telling of this story students’ imaginations become engaged and they begin to ask important questions which begins the “critical thinking” process. 

First of its kind symphonic colaboration honoring the Children

This is an absolute first – this symphony being written and composed for children to support their healthy emotional development and how to set healthy boundaries