One World Symphony

We Care Forever in honored to be in collaboration with Maestro Dino Zonic is taking his extremely successful youth symphony program to the next level and on tour across America. It will bring together middle and high school musicians and choral singers It is called One World Symphony.

Student musicians with training or not will undergo intense training, three hours a day, four days a week for six weeks climaxing in the concert performances.

The program is crossing the boundaries of conventional teaching, and by challenging the methods and patterns of learning, will pursue the worthy endeavor of musical education beyond the typical classroom. Participants and audiences will be astounded.

This project will support the students’ development as artists, expose them to broader audiences, and encourage their ambitions and dreams. 

It is time to move beyond mere discussion and to apply music to inspire and heal

Our vision for the new One World Symphony is slated for 2022 and will include:

  • 200-400-piece orchestra, 300 choral singers
  • Performers will be students from the local area
  • Flash mob musical and dance events across the region
  • Media and talk show coverage
  • Support from local governmental, and community leaders
  • Support from notable and visionary celebrities 
  • Community engagement and collaboration to create the best possible results
  • Including elements from The Little Bucket Experience that includes all the elementary students in the One World Symphony

Maestro Dino Zonic

Founder and Music Director  and conductor of the One World Symphony

Award-winning, composer, conductor, producer, and director, Dino Zonic, known as the “People’s Maestro”, was born in the Olympic city of Sarajevo. After his education as a young professor and composer, the terrible ravages of the war profoundly affected the course of his life and his career. This life-altering experience would inspire him to dedicate his work to the service of music that bridges cultural, national, and religious barriers to bring a universal message of unity and hope to all people.

Named as a Cultural Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina, he creates music and media productions to promote unity between people throughout the world.

Compton, Los Angeles Youth Symphony

During 2013 and 2014, in partnership with Music Unites and Compton Board of Education Maestro Zonic created Youth Symphony Program for “at-risk” youth in Compton, California. At that time Compton Schools has recurring problems with a high ratio of violence.
In six weeks of training with the students from the greater area of Compton held at Centennial High School, Mr. Zonic’s produced a series of concerts which created resounding success followed by local and national TV, and media. In the first two months, the program generated $110,000 in donations and was featured on FOX National TV News.

Dayton, Ohio Youth Symphony

  • Maestro Dino Zonic performed a series of spectacular youth symphonies held at Schuster Performing Arts Center, Memorial Hall and Victoria Theatre
  • The Concert series attracted large public and media attention, followed by TV Channels such as NBC, FOX, PBS, and NPR Radio, Radio Voice of America, and others.
  • The events generated $550,000 in revenue. The Seedling Foundation officially recognized Maestro Zonic’s success and used the revenue to complete the Federal QZAB loan to rebuild the Stivers School for the Arts campus, a nationally recognized high school for the arts.
  • The number of students from a broader Dayton area who participated in this the Youth Symphony continued their music education in colleges: Berkeley, Brown, Oberlin, and Wright State University, receiving full scholarships in music.

Acclaim for Dino Zonic's Youth Symphonies

Where does one begin when speaking about a national treasure?
Maestro Zonic is simply extraordinary!
He is a virtual powerhouse!”

Lizabeth A. Whipps, Director, Art Programs – Stivers Scholl for the Arts

“What wonderful heartwarming events.
Thank you for the skills and passion you brought to the Dayton Public Schools.”

 Gail Littlejohn, Esq. Board President, Dayton Board of Education

“Maestro Zonic has invigorated us, inspired us, and has helped us to see things beyond anything we could have imagined!”

Erin Dooley Principal Stivers School for the Arts

And then long came Dino. the Maestro, the Magician!
You only meet such an individual once in a lifetime.”

Jesse Jones, Principal Centennial High School

Maestro Zonic’s music lifts people and his music raises you from death!”

Manuel Castaneda, Director Music Department, Centennial High School

The Impact of Music Education on the Community

The students who participated in band or orchestra saw violence reported at the lowest levels and the lowest current use of all substances (alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs).

– Texas Commission on Drug and Alcohol Abuse Report. 1998

“Involvement in the arts is one avenue by which at-risk youth can acquire the various competencies necessary to become economically self-sufficient over the long term, rather than becoming a financial strain.”

– The Impact of Arts Education on Workforce Preparation, The National Governors Association, May 2002

Schools with music programs have significantly higher graduation rates than do those without programs (90.2% as compared to 72.9%). Schools that have music programs have significantly higher attendance rates than do those without programs (93.3% as compared to 84.9%).

– Harris Interactive poll of high school principals, 2006