Corporate Sponsorship

We Care Forever is Inviting you to Celebrate Our Children with One World Symphony and The Little Bucket Jamboree

Send a Powerful Message

  • Nothing is impossible
  • We are forward thinking and visionary
  • We believe in our children
  • We have hope for the future and are doing something about it
  • We are part of a new hopeful story for America
  • We believe in hope, opportunity and real change
  • Social equality and balance is a reachable goal we are committed to

A Win Win for All

  • Additionally the Benefits of Sponsorship are Excellent and will Result in Increased :
  • Goodwill
  • Brand Association
  • Media Recognition
  • Public Relations

……… Leading to increased and loyal customers and sales.

In short your Fully Deductible Social Investment is an Easy Decision. We are Looking Forward to Speaking and Partnering with you.

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Corporations, Foundations, and Philanthropists (of all sizes) are now welcome to Socially Invest, and Sponsor the Inaugural Celebration of Our Children taking place in St. Louis 2022-2023 which features students from the Title 1 Public Schools of  Jennings and Ferguson-Florissant, Missouri.

  • One World Symphony

    • 200-400 Musicians and 300 Choral Singers
    • Featuring Middle and High School Students
    • Multiple Orchestral and Choral Performances
  • The Little Bucket Experience

    • Emotional Intelligence interactive presentations in Elementary Schools
    • Integrated with One World Symphony to include all of the students in the Districts
  • And many other initiatives

For more details visit the St. Louis Jamboree Page

Please send all inquiries to